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My Perfume Collection~

18 Mar


I have realized that if I intend to write about perfume in any capacity (which, lemme tell ya, is gonna happen a lot), I should probably back that up with a little bit of proof that I’m not just waving around tester strips at Sephora pretending to know things. Which, of course, is not to say I have some sort of comprehensive knowledge of perfume: when it comes to commercial brands I am a definite novice (because my eyes are bigger than my wallet), and while I have a good footing in the indie world there is always more to learn. And by that, I mean things to buy.


Wow, look at that master camerawork. Let me tell you something, it is damn hard to get a shot of a wall shelf in a tiny NYC apartment bathroom with a 50mm lens. But, hey, you get the general idea. The top shelf is all commercial perfumes, and most of them in rollerball size–I would rather have five tiny samples than one big bottle, unless it is something I really love. It’s mostly Tokyomilk Dark, Clean, Tocca, and Anna Sui up there, along with my coveted bottle of Miss Dior Cherie from before the awful reformulation. I don’t even wear it anymore, I just hold the bottle and sigh wistfully.

Second shelf is almost all indies, 3 bottles deep–there are tiny Nest bottles hiding at the end, because Nest is my one true commercial perfume love. The bottles here are dominated by Blooddrop, Solstice Scents, Haus of Gloi, Alchemic Muse and OHWTO, with a pile of solids from Fabled Fragrances hanging out as Darling Clandestine‘s Don Gato rules over all.

All of the bottom indie bottles are BPAL (no I don’t have an addiction! I swear!), and on the other end are the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea scents. I know, I know, they are basically one note and so simple but I love them anyway. Nestled between is Midnight Poison, another Dior scent I can never get again. Hey Dior, why do you ruin everything I love? Is this some kind of game to you?!


BUT WAIT, there’s more! My collection has grown, like some kind of horrible, money-sucking (but beautifully scented) fungus into another cabinet. This is all 3 bottles deep as well, aside from the row fourth from the right which will be filled with some bottles from BPAL’s Ragnarok collection. And, like with the perfume rack, the right four rows are BPAL. Because I am ready to admit that I have a problem.