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Makeup Adventures: De-Potting & Re-Potting Liquid Cosmetics

27 May

Are you guys ready to come on an adventure with me through some truly terrible photos as I attempt to destroy my Rimmel concealer and put it in another jar? Of course you are. Because, you know, who doesn’t want to look at blurry, grainy iPod photos of my squished makeup?


Here we have the surgical tools: a spatula, a jar to transfer the concealer into, scissors, and of course… the makeup itself: Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer & Highlighter in 125 Fair. I actually LOVE this concealer. It’s pale enough for me (which is rare), it’s got lovely coverage but it doesn’t look cakey, and it has a great highlighting effect that makes it perfect for undereye circles. However, it has one of those annoying bristle applicators where you squeeze out a little at a time into a faux-brush. I don’t have time for that shit. I’m going to be blending it in with my Beauty Blender or a concealer brush anyway, and all the applicator does is waste product as it dries it all up between uses. The solution? De-pot and then Re-pot!


As I’m sure you can tell from this super detailed closeup in high definition (I am soooo sorry, it was very late, I don’t know what I was thinking with these pictures), I hit a bit of a bump almost immediately after cutting the bottom off. The damn thing is less than half full. And I’ve used it maybe 4 times? So there was no way it was fitting into my picked re-potting jar. BUT I have a million tiny jars lying around, so I just swapped the taller one out for your basic 5 gram cosmetic jar.

Because the damn tube for this was so long, and there was so little product for it given the size, it was easiest to cut into sections and then scoop into the jar. Behold, the carnage.


It filled the 5g jar right to the brim thankfully, and considering how much I use in a week (yeah, I don’t use it daily, I have so many concealers I like to switch it up), this will last me a long time. I managed to get almost all the product out, but sadly with anything liquid you are never really going to get 100%. There’s always some stuck to the walls of the container. Damn you, Rimmel!


If you attempt any kind of de-potting, I highly suggest keeping a record of the item’s full name & shade. I just take pictures so I have a visual catalog of all my abused products: it’s an easy way to keep track of them all.

De-potting can be scary. You’re ruining packaging and taking a big risk by taking your precious makeup babies out of their first homes. Makeup babies? I mean, it’s not like I think of my eyeshadow palettes as an extension of my family or anything! Everyone calls them that. I swear. Ahem, anyway. De-potting can really be a HUGE space-saver for liquid products like foundation, highlighter, liquid blush, face primer, or shadow primer (one thing I depot immediately after getting it–SO much easier to apply!). Just, you know, do it during the day. When you can take halfway decent shots of all the gory action.