January 2016 Reading Wrapup

1 Feb

So, I’ve kind of already blown one of my bookish resolutions: two reading wrapups per month. I mean, I do have reasons: I had a family member in the hospital, stressful apartment shit to deal with, and just general crappy life situations going on. So, no time (or rather too much stress) to write that Part I and Part II. But, thankfully, it didn’t affect my reading! In fact, January was my best reading month ever. I read 26 books. 26! If I read that much every month, I’d hit over 300 books this year. Which definitely isn’t going to happen, but I’m still pretty happy with it. And since this is going to be an epically long roundup it’s under the cut, so hit the jump to get started.


The Dead House, by Dawn Kurtagich. Finished January 2nd. I’m very much over young adult as a genre. I’ve read some good books in it, but 9 times out of 10 I am disappointed and/or annoyed by young adult books. So why did I end up reading YA as my first book of the year? It seemed spooky, okay, and and I am a sucker for horror. And you know what? This was great! It has a unique premise: two girls share one body (twin souls or multiple personality disorders?) and strange disappearances and murders start occurring around them. The format is unique, the characters are great, and while it suffers from a sufficiently cheesy YA romance I liked pretty much every other aspect. Especially all the creepy dream imagery.

Lipstick Rating 4 Full





I Wrote This For You, by pleasefindthis. Finished January 4th. Poetry is not really my thing. Actually, that’s not totally accurate: I like a lot of poetry, but I find it a little intimidating so it’s not what I tend to reach for. Even though The Hollow Men is one of my all-time favorites. Weird, right? But I saw this in B&N and was so smitten. This has a rather unique format: it’s written in the second person for the most part, and is a love poem to the reader. It’s pretty bizarre: you’ve got love, depression, anxiety, reincarnation, and… the apocalypse as themes tackled. It was totally up my alley and I loved it. Plus every poem has a matching photograph, which really enhanced the experience.

Lipstick Rating 4 Full





I Am A Cat, by  Natsume Sōseki. Finished January 7th. As you will see, there was a slight cat theme this month. Lots of cat books, starting with perhaps the most serious of all the cat books. It’s Japanese, it’s got a cat on the cover, I’m sold. While this is told from the perspective of a housecat and does contain anecdotes about his kitty life, it’s more a commentary and satire of Japanese life… and human life in general, really. It’s slow and meanders all over the place, but is really worth the effort if you love Japanese lit (and cats). Prepare for some heartbreak, however.

Lipstick Rating 4 Full





One Rainy Day In May, by Mark Z. Danielewski. Finished January 9th. Oh Danielewski, how are you so perfect. House of Leaves is my, like, second favorite book of all time and I ADORED The Familiar Vol. 1. This series is going to be 27 books (!!) so this one was really just setting up the characters. It jumps continents and languages, though there is a core story thread that connects all these disparate people. The type setting is the star here: like in HoL, type is used to create images and tells a story all on its own. If you like weird, postmodern and meta books this is for you. Also there’s a cat in it. WOO CAT MONTH.

Lipstick Rating5 Full





 Consider Phlebas, by Iain M. Banks. Finished January 10th. I have three series I plan to read in 2016, and I think Culture is the shortest of them. I mean, it’s 10 books, but many of them are under 400 pages. Which is good for a series. It’s also the only scifi one, and I was really feeling that genre in January. People say this is kind of a rocky start to the Culture so I had low expectations, but I really enjoyed it. The world is fascinating, I loved the clash of ideology and culture (lowercase c) that was going on. I think the characters weren’t as fleshed out as they could be, though… except for the droid, which was perfect and amazing. A theme for the series, I think.

Lipstick Rating 3 And 1 Half





Snow Country, by Yasunari Kawabata. Finished January 11th. After I Am A Cat, I was feeling more Japanese lit–and this was on my TBR shelf, which I am trying to work through this year. I adored A Thousand Cranes and was hoping for more of the same: that ability Kawabata has to describe the most mundane scene but pour it full of indescribable meaning. Snow Country is considered is masterpiece but I think I enjoyed Cranes more: this book is certainly beautifully written and has layers and layers of meaning, but for reasons I can’t really pinpoint I just didn’t feel it as much as I have some of his other novels. I think it’s because I found the main girl kind of insufferable (even though that was the point of her character).

Lipstick Rating 3 And 1 Half





The Raven Room, by Ana Medeiros. Finished January 12th. After reading some heavy (and long) books in the first half of the month, I wanted something lighter. This is a dark erotic thriller so not exactly lighter in tone but it was certainly a fast, light read in terms of density! It was a fun romp that definitely went in unexpected directions, and avoided all my least-favorite romance/erotica tropes. We had a dark and broody hero who was actually a nice guy and not at all abusive! People with dark pasts who didn’t use them as excuses for bad behavior! Informed consent! Bisexual characters who don’t have ~sexual identity~ as part of their character arc! Poly relationships with no stupid angsty drama! Super fun, and I’ll definitely read the next book in the series.

Lipstick Rating 3 And 1 Half





The Investigation, by  Jung-Myung Lee. Finished January 13th. On the surface, this book is about a murder investigation in a Japanese prison during WWII. But it is a much deeper book than that: it is about cultural identity, the power of literature and stories, and how a person can attain personal freedom even in the worst circumstances. This was beautifully written and very surprising. I expected a complex murder mystery and got a very meta look at the importance of storytelling and poetry to the human spirit, with a sprinkling of the war crimes committed by Japan during WWII. Though this is a book firmly grounded in reality (and brutally so at times) the writing makes it feel almost like magic realism. Just beautiful.

Lipstick Rating 4 Full





Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty. Finished January 15th. Two years ago, I decided to try out all the genres I usually neglected: romance, historical fiction, and chick lit. I expected the latter to be the hardest, because I really had no interest in it… until I found Liane Moriarty and The Husband’s Secret. Moriarty manages to weave funny and dark tales that tackle huge social issues without losing a sense of levity. But what’s most impressive about her writing is how real all the characters seem. Big Little Lies revolves around three mothers who all just seem like people she must have copied from reality because they’re so complex and flawed and real. While her books have flaws and some pacing issues they’re probably my favorite guilty pleasure, cleanse-my-brain reads.

Lipstick Rating 3 And 1 Half





This Census-Taker, by China Mieville. Finished January 16th. In this blessed year of our Lord China 2016, we will be getting TWO BOOKS BY HIM. I know, right. It’s basically the best thing that’s ever happened to me. The second will be a full-length novel, but this was a novella. A very strange, surreal novella. About a kid who lives in a house way up on a hill, overlooking (surprise!) a weird city on a bridge. It’s kind of magic realism, maybe fantasy? Hard to pinpoint the genre. The world is rich and fascinating, even though we don’t see much of it, and it’s just… it’s perfect. I loved it so much, and it left me wanting more and more (which in my mind is the best feeling).

Lipstick Rating5 Full





Tree of Codes, by Jonathan Safran Foer. Finished January 18th. I love weird books. The weirder the better, in my opinion. Experimental writing, experimental formatting? Bring it on. So of course I am head over heels in love with Tree of Codes, which is more an art installation than an actual novel. It is a book exhumed from another book, cut snippets of text that form an ephemeral story of their own. The “writing” in this reminded me very strongly of Blake Butler–there is a sense of fragmented unreality, of images too hyper-real to exist anywhere but a dream. It is a beautiful book, full of sentences that took my breath away, but it was frequently disturbing. Not in content, but in the way the sentences and words and spacing-the periods and commas floating in the air among nothing-made me feel. I had a visceral reaction to this book: I loved it, it moved me, but I found myself deeply unsettled by it at the same time. I know this is one I will read many times in the future.

Lipstick Rating5 Full





The Player of Games, by Iain M. Banks. Finished January 18th. The second Culture book! This one is very different than Consider Phlebas: it revolves around one man who plays games, as the title implies, and one big, world-changing game he goes to play. It’s a complex and very clever book that manages to fit so much into a short number of pages. I liked this one more than CP, though I had the same issue with the characters: they felt kind of flat to me. Though once again, I loved the drones & Minds. They’re just… so funny and perfect. I want one of my own. Well, maybe not really…

Lipstick Rating 4 Full





Nothing, by  Janne Teller. Finished January 19th. The negative reviews of this are what convinced me to read it. Too dark, too twisted, too philosophical, too meta. Yeah, that sounds like my kind of book. And holy hell were they right. This book is BRUTAL. It’s about a kid who starts living in a tree because life is meaningless, so his classmates decide to collect meaning from their own life in order to coerce him down. The things they “collect’ grow more and more…. drastic, and at one point I physically recoiled from the book. It’s not just the actual events that make this book chilling, but the detached way in which the tale is narrated. I think the intensity peters off towards the end but this was a great read. I mean, it wasn’t enjoyable in the sense that I had fun reading it, but it was wonderfully crafted.

Lipstick Rating 3 And 1 Half





The Murder Farm, by  Andrea Maria Schenkel. Finished January 20th. Hinterkaifeck, the real-life unsolved mystery that this book is based on, is one of my favorite mysteries. It’s just so strange and twisted. So a fictional version of it? Sign me the hell up! Or not, given how this turned out. I really didn’t like anything about it. The writing was very flat, and all of the really interesting aspects of the case were left out. I also thought the controversial aspects were handled with extreme disrespect. Plus the murders were wrapped up in a kind of stupid way–the motive made no sense. At least it was short?

Lipstick Rating 2 Full





Chi’s Sweet Home Vol 1, by Kanata Konami. Finished January 21st. I love cats. And I don’t mean “I enjoy cats in a healthy manner.” I mean “I am totally obsessed with cats and will inevitably end up a crazy cat lady.” I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH OKAY? And Chi’s Sweet Home is just…the ultimate for a cat lover. It’s sweet, it’s a little sad, it’s the perfect capture of what life with a cat is like. This took me over a month to read because I tried to take my time with it, reading only one or two chapters a day, and it was a struggle. Because I could have easily devoured this in one sitting. True perfection.

Lipstick Rating5 Full





Little Peach, by Peggy Kern. Finished January 22nd. This might be weird, but when I am feeling really down I like to read the most depressing thing I can get my hands on. So I can go, “hey, life really sucks right now, but at least I’m not a child prostitute!” This book was brutal and pretty heart-wrenching. It’s just depressing right down to the bone. I do wish it was a little longer, and some of the characters/side-plots a bit more fleshed out, but it made me feel sufficiently miserable.

Lipstick Rating 3 And 1 Half





I Am Pusheen the Cat, by Claire Belton. Finished January 22nd. After Chi I need more cats. Always more cats. I do think Pusheen is better in gif form and the illustrations don’t have quite the same charm, but it was still adorable as hell. I mean, it’s cute illustrations of a chubby cat, what could go wrong?

Lipstick Rating 4 Full






The Baron in the Trees, by Italo Calvino. Finished January 22nd. Another book about a person who goes to live in a tree. Two in one month… that’s got to be a record, right? I mean how many are there even? Calvino is one of my favorite authors so it kind of pains me that I just liked this book and didn’t love it. It switches tone quite often, flitting between folktale, military tale, thieving adventure, doomed romance, and a whole lot more. I loved sections and didn’t like other ones so it was a mixed bag for me. I definitely prefer Calvino when he is more experimental (If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler, Invisible Cities, Cosmicomics) than this more traditional romp.

Lipstick Rating 3 And 1 Half





Never Never Part 3, by Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher. Finished January 23rd. THIS GODDAMN BOOK SERIES. I wasted a year of my freaking life on this shit. I never really “liked” it but I felt hooked–I HAD to know what happened. And the “solution” to this “mystery” is literally the stupidest and worst thing I have ever read. In my life. And I’ve read a lot of bad books. I hate everything about this and just thinking about it makes me angry.






The Widow, by Fiona Barton. Finished January 25th. Every damn time some psychological thriller comes out that’s ~the next Gone Girl~ I read it. Why? I almost never like them, and I find them super predictable. I thought this would be like The Silent Wife (which I enjoyed) and I guess… it kind of was? But in a bad way. The titular widow was SO boring and obnoxious. The “twists” were obvious from literally the first chapter. We never even get details about the crime. This was about as dull as a psych thriller can possibly be.

Lipstick Rating 2 Full





Through the Woods, by Emily Carroll. Finished January 26th. I’ve been meaning to read this for ages but never got around to it. Why? It’s creepy fairytale-esque horror with gorgeous images. I knew I’d love it, and of course I did. This is like the lovechild of The Bloody Chamber and Scary Stories To Tell in The Dark. Eerie, evocative, beautiful, and with that underlying sense of familiarity that a really well-done modern folktale has.

Lipstick Rating 4 And 1 Half





Use of Weapons, by Iain M. Banks. Finished January 26th. Culture book 3! This is a lot of people’s favorite, and I can tell why. It’s the opposite of Player of Games, which had a linear narrative with a convoluted plot. The plot here is simple: it’s the life story of an assassin. But the format is amazing: there are two threads, one moving forward in time and one moving backwards. It was innovative and worked perfectly.

But you know what? There’s something missing for me in Culture. I really like the books, obviously, since until now they are all 3.5-4 stars. But they don’t have the same spark as some of my other favorite space opera/scifi giants (Peter Watts, Alastair Reynolds, Peter Hamilton, Vernor Vinge). The world is cool, but not utterly fascination. The alien races are awesome, but we never see enough of them. The characters fall kind of flat for me, and I dislike that all the MCs are male. There are very few big philosophical questions posed in the narrative. The one thing that shines for me above all else is the characterization of the drones & Minds, which is beyond brilliant. But I just wish there was a little extra in this world, if that makes sense. I still like it & will finish the series, but I want more.

Lipstick Rating 4 Full





The State of the Art, by Iain M. Banks. Finished January 27th. This is a collection of short stories that take place (mostly) in the Culture world. I found it a huge mixed bag: two of them were utterly amazing (“Descendant” and “Odd Attachment”) and I finally got that philosophical spark I was looking for in “State of the Art.” Those were 5 stars for me. But I was neutral to negative on the others, so I had to even out the rating.

Lipstick Rating 3 Full





This One Summer, by Mariko Tamaki & Jillian Tamaki . Finished January 27th. The art in this is gorgeous. It’s lush, complex, and detailed. The story? Not so much. It’s a pretty basic coming-of-age tale. Girl hits puberty, deals with family struggles and the transition from child to sexual being. Nothing was special or unique, it was just totally standard and kind of dull. The art made it a very enjoyable experience, though I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are super into coming of age/slice of life as a genre.

Lipstick Rating 3 Full





Hidden Bodies, by Caroline Kepnes. Finished January 29th. I loved You, passionately. It was one of my favorite books of 2014. And honestly, I don’t think it needed a sequel. But hey, why not? I’ll read it. And for 80%, I was sold. Sure, it wasn’t as creepy as You, and there was none of the second-person brilliance. But it was dark and funny and Joe is amazing. But then… but then. 80% of the way in this jumped the shark SO BAD. Like, worse than I ever imagined it possible for a book to jump the shark. The plot went off the rails, it was so painfully unbelievable and cheesy, characters acted totally out of character. It was horrible. The worst. 1-star ending, 4-star rest of the book.

Lipstick Rating 3 Full




Shadows of Self, by Brandon Sanderson. Finished January 31st. Brandon Sanderson, you and your goddamn magical twists. I liked Alloy of Law, but not nearly as much as the original Mistborn trilogy. I expected SoS to go kind of the same way, and it was until the last 15%. Holy hell. There’s very little I can say about this without spoiling 4 other books but it was amazing. My 2 faves from the original Mistborn showed up, the plot was great, the twists were great, I adore how Sanderson deals with religion in the post-Hero of Ages world. My only complaint about this series is that I don’t really care that much about Wax, the main character. I think he’s complex and well fleshed out, I just… don’t like him? But Wayne makes up for that in spades.

Lipstick Rating 4 And 1 Half





I also DNF’d My Friend Dahmer, because I was totally squicked out by how outright sympathetic it was to a serial killer. Like boo hoo he had a sad childhood, maybe don’t feel so bad for him? Because he murdered people. And 99.9% of kids with bad childhoods (and ones WAY worse than Dahmer’s) don’t murder people. So there’s that, you know.

I’ve decided to keep track of my reading goals in these posts too! So here is where I am at:

26/175 Books

4/36 Series Books

6/50 TBR Books

10/15 Different Countries

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