Dupe Hunting: Shiro’s Cake

18 Nov

As you probably know, Shiro is discontinuing their Randomly Generated collection. It wasn’t one of their most popular overall, but unfortunately it contains one of their most beloved colors: Cake, a pearly white with a red shift. It’s a great multi-purpose product, because it’s just as good as a highlight as it is as a shadow. It’s also pretty much impossible to find a highlighter with a red shift, so Cake is a coveted product. And, after December 31st, it will be no more. So what’s a Cake-loving girl to do? Go dupe hunting! I sifted through all my shadows and found 4 shades in the same family. Anyway, let’s get on to the swatches!

[UPDATE] Apparently Cake will NOT be leaving us forever! Well, this formula will be: Caitlin will be reformulating it and adding it to the sandbox next year. She says it will be an improved version, so I can’t wait to see it!




[all swatches applied dry over bare skin]

From top to bottom we have:

Shiro’s Cake: The original! Cake has a sheer neutral-white base and a very strong true red shift. It’s also glittery: I hadn’t worn it in a while and in my mind it was a satin finish, but there are definite sparkles going on. [Buy here]

Dawn Eyes’ Alena: Alena is superficially similar to Cake. It has a shift in the same family, but the base color is golden white instead of Cake’s pure cream. It’s also much more of a satin finish, lacking the sparkles of Cake. Personally, I find Alena a lot more wearable as a highlight color though it’s not a perfect dupe. [Buy here]

Dawn Eyes’ Early AM Vineyard: This Dawn Eyes color is a lot closer to Cake. It’s just a sparkly, and the base color is nearly identical. However, the shift is a pinky red instead of a true red.  [Buy here]

Dusk Cosmetics’ Moro: Moro is very, very close to Cake at first glance. There are a few differences: Moro has a silvery-white base that leans cool, and it’s much stronger in color than Cake. The shift is not as strong, though the color is nearly identical. It’s also about equal in glitter levels. [Buy here]

The Chequered Lily’s Snow, Glass, Apples: Snow, Glass, Apples is like a more glittery version of Cake, if you can imagine such a thing.The base is quite sheer, a feature of Cake that a lot of the other dupes are missing, though it leans a little grayer than Cake’s. The shift is also a little pinker.  [Buy here]

So there you have it! 5 almost-dupes of Cake. I think Moro is the closest to the original, though I prefer Alena for use as a highlighter. If you want something like Cake but a bit cooler, Early AM Vineyard is great, and for a more glittery version try out Snow, Glass, Apples. Sadly none of them are totally identical to the original, and I’m crossing my fingers that Shiro decides to keep it as a permanent color.

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  1. Artemis November 21, 2015 at 4:52 am #

    These are all lovely colours, but I’m pleased to hear Cake will be back and better than ever!

  2. More Help January 17, 2019 at 12:55 am #

    Do you want to expand on that? jk

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