150 Book Challenge: April 2015 Wrapup

13 May

I know I have already started posting updates for May, but I kind of missed a month in between that and March, didn’t I? And once I finish this, I’ll be all caught up! Except for, you know, February and most of January… but oh well! April was my birthday month, but sadly not the greatest of reading months. I accomplished a decent amount (14 books finished), but aside from the main series I picked and a few outliers, there was nothing particularly spectacular. I’m really selling you on reading this post, huh? Like the March roundup, this is going to be a long one, so you can find all the details after the jump!


The Virgin, by Tiffany Reisz: Finished April 1st. I mentioned in my March wrapup that C.D Reiss was a guilty pleasure writer for me. Tiffany Reisz is decidedly not a guilty pleasure: sure, her works are technically in the erotica/romance genre, but she is astoundingly talented and the world & characters she has created are just amazing. I cried the first time I read The Siren (and the second time…), and all of her books find a way to move me. The Virgin was no different. This is the 7th book in a series, so it’s rather hard to give a plot synopsis without seriously spoiling everything else, but I will say that this had a whole lot of wonderful Nora scenes, and Nora might be my absolute favorite fictional female character ever.

Lipstick Rating5 Full





Mort(e), by Robert Repino: Finished April 1st. Somehow I feel like the order of these is a bit messed up, and that I finished Mort(e) and then devoured The Virgin in one day, but I’ll put my trust in Goodreads. In any case I powered through this lightning fast. It’s not one of those compulsively readable action/thriller types, but the kind of strange & quirky books that’s right up my alley.

Imagine Watership Down with cats and dogs, set it after the apocalypse, and throw in a ton of metaphors about the dangers of religious fervor. That’s pretty much how Mort(e) goes down, except there are also giant malicious ants, a war against humans, and killer diseases thrown in. Also a dog named Wawa (yes, after the convenience store). It’s pretty great, if you like balls-to-the-wall crazy books with anthropomorphic animals (which, obviously, I do). Reviews of this vary from mixed to negative, and I can see why: it’s very, very odd, but I tend to be drawn to those sorts of things. Also, how freaking gorgeous is the cover?

Lipstick Rating 4 Full





Unbearable Lightness, by Portia de Rossi: Finished April 2nd. I have something of an obsession for books about eating disorders: memoirs, novels, nofiction, I gobble them up. It’s no mystery why–I suffered from a severe eating disorder when I was young, and disordered eating has followed me like an echo into adulthood. I read these books so I can see myself mirrored in the pages. To prove that I’m not the only one this crazy about food. Some of them are amazing (Wasted, Wintergirls), some are terrible (Letting Ana Go), and some are right smack-dab in the middle. Which is where Unbearable Lightness falls.

For a celebrity memoir, this is well-written and intelligent. Portia is frank about her illness, and doesn’t shy away from the extreme details. I suppose most people read this and think “oh my god, how crazy” but I just go “that’s exactly how it feels!” She did a great job of creating a sense of chaos and anxiety. The fault here isn’t in the main chunk of the book, but in the tacked-on epilogue. It’s about 30 pages and it completely glosses over recovery. She makes it sound simple, even though those 30 pages cover 3 years spent in futile struggle to “control” her ED. She makes it seem, unintentionally I’m sure, like recovery is just about “accepting yourself” and all that bullshit that’s commonly thrown at eating disorder sufferers. She mentions medication only in passing, and basically skips over the depression & OCD she’s diagnosed with. I wish that she had either cut out the sugary-sweet “and then I accepted myself and found true love!” ending or expanded it fully so that you could really see what it means to get better. A fairly disappointing end, this could have been a lot better.

Lipstick Rating 3 Full





Geisha, A Life, by Mineko Iwasaki: Finished April 4th. Even knowing that it’s almost completely fabricated, I still love Memoirs of a Geisha. Taken as historical fiction with a grain of salt, it’s wonderfully immersive and evocative. So when I found out that the geisha Golden had interviewed had written her own book,the true story of her life, I absolutely had to read it. There are so many differences between the two books that it would take hours to write them all down, but you can see the moments (from Mineko’s life and her friends’ backstories) Arthur Golden cherrypicked for his book. Geisha, a Life is more subdued in tone, focusing on the artistry of the geisha world and the small relationships and challenges Mineko faced.

There’s one big flaw: the length. It’s less than 300 pages for a memoir that starts when she is 5 and carries over to her retirement (and a bit after). I loved Mineko’s writing and her detailed explanations of geisha life, but I kind of felt let down at the end. It was just way too short, there should have been at least 100 more pages detailing her life. Parts felt rushed, like we were missing so many events and details. A good read, but ultimately unsatisfying.

Lipstick Rating 3 And 1 Half





The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, by Stephen King: Finished April 7th. I’ve discovered that if a Stephen King book is described as slow and/or boring, I’m going to love it. Revival, Gerald’s Game,and of course The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon all fall into this. They’re not particularly action-packed, and the horror is more slow and brooding than in-your-face. TGWLTG is (for the most part) pure survival horror, just a kid against the elements.  And while I usually hate kid narrators, King pulled it off effortlessly.

There is a possibly-supernatural element lurking in the background, like you’d expect coming into a King book, and while it offers some truly spooky imagery (the Wasp Priest will haunt me) it’s really the woods themselves that are scary. And not even in a oh-spooky-scary-woods kind of way, more in an oh-shit-I’m-lost way. Even the most innocuous looking forest can seem like it’s out to kill you when you’re alone and a kid.

Lipstick Rating 4 Full





The Ark Sakura, by Kobo Abe: Finished April 7th. I find this a very difficult book to rate, let alone discuss. The premise is, perhaps, simple enough: a man (who remains unnamed) lives in abandoned mine and becomes convinced that the end of the world is nigh. He converts his mine to an ark ship, capable of surviving this nuclear apocalypse, and goes out searching for people to take with him into the new human society he plans to build. While this might seem like more than enough, it’s really only the barest surface of The Ark Sakura: we run into marketplace shills, bug salesmen, a group of militant old men who clean up the streets (among other things), our protagonist’s villainous father, a complicated waste-removal system, kidnapped young girls… and a lot more.

These threads are complicated and bizarre, but are woven neatly together. Kobo Abe also uses a rather usual technique: most of the characters are never named. It has that surreal, “is this really happening?” feeling that’s so common in Japanese literature, and by the end you are willing to accept that almost anything might happen. And technically, it’s beautifully written. I have loved what I have read of Kobo Abe, and the ending here in particular is just spectacular. But somehow, this did not really connect with me. It has elements I love (apocalypse! surreal Japanese literature! strange literary techniques!) but for whatever reason, I liked this book but did not really love it the way I’d expect to. Maybe it was the main character, who has a personality type I really dislike in real life–because I honesty can’t think of any other reason this wasn’t an instant love for me.

Lipstick Rating 3 Full





Night Shift, by Stephen King: Finished April 10th. At this point it’s probably no secret that I absolutely love King. And while his short stories are my favorite of his (many) works, I hadn’t read Night Shift, which seems somehow absurd. How did I never pick this up? It was certainly high time to do so. Funnily enough, the introduction might be my favorite section of this book: not to say that the rest of it is bad, but it’s just a really freaking great intro. Sets the mood, teaches you something about both the author and writing. It’s absolutely perfect.

I believe that there is no such thing as a perfect set of short stories, where every single one is fantastic and perfect (except, perhaps, for Yoko Ogawa’s Revenge, but does that even count?). This is no exception: I did not adore all of them, but I loved a whole lot. Particularly the first two, which have very strong and overt Lovecraftian influences. Other shining stars (for me, because I’m sure everyone will have different favorites) were “Children of the Corn,” “Quitters, Inc,” “Night Surf,” and “I Am The Doorway” (which I believe heavily influenced Scott Sigler’s Infected).

Lipstick Rating 3 And 1 Half





Skeleton Crew, by Stephen King: Finished April 14th. This was a (partial) re-read for me: in fact, this was one of my first King books, though I skipped “The Mist” the first time I read it because I wasn’t in the mood for a novella-length story. Obviously, this was a horribly mistake, and has now been rectified. This is one of those rare collections where I find only a handful of stories passable (“Here There Be Tygers,” “The Wedding Gig,” and “For Owen,” if you were curious) and it hasso many that I absolutely love (“Survivor Type,” “The Jaunt,” “Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut,” and “The Raft” being my absolute favorites). And I got to read “The Jaunt” again on my birthday, which was pretty much the best book ever. There’s really not too much I can say about this that hasn’t already said: if you like horror, go read it immediately.

Lipstick Rating5 Full





The Dreaming Void, by Peter Hamilton: Finished April 18th. Halfway through the month, I realized I should probably pick a series to work on for April. I’ve been pretty strict about finishing (at least) one a month so far, but this time I wasn’t really feeling any of the ones on my “to finish” pile and I didn’t want to push myself to read something I wasn’t in the mood for. But I saw this baby sitting there and said “yeah, I am in the mood for some rollicking hard scifi!” The Dreaming Void has a complicated plot structure, but it is essentially about a far-future world where humans are basically immortal and strewn throughout the galaxy. At the center of our galaxy is not a black hole, but an odd planet-eating void that sometimes, unexplainably, expands. Someone starts receiving dreams from this void–dreams of a low-tech, magical word. Humans begin idolizing this rather pastoral life, and decide that going into the planet-eating void would be the best thing ever. Alien races are not too happy about this. At all.

This book was a re-read for me, but if you’ve read any Peter Hamilton you will understand why I needed to tackle this before reading the rest of the trilogy. Heck, I even considered diving back into Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained. Hamilton books usually have between 10 to 5 main POV characters, all of whom have their own chapters and storylines. All these storylines don’t come together until the end–and I don’t mean the end of this book, I mean the end of the last one. You really need to pay attention, but he makes everything feel very seamless and fluid. There’s no jarring transitions at all. Plus, this book has a series of high-fantasy dreams tucked into a space opera, so there’s a little something for everyone. The only reason this doesn’t get 5 stars is because there are many overlapping characters from the first duology but my favorite two (Ozzie and Mellanie) were MIA and I really missed them.

Lipstick Rating 4 And 1 Half





The Headmaster, by Tiffany Reisz: Finished April 19th. After a long dose of scifi, I needed a little break and a Reisz short seemed like just the thing. I honestly didn’t have many expectations for this, but it was a pleasant surprise. The summary makes this seem like a straight up romance, which is not my thing at all, but I will read anything Tiffany Reisz writes. This is actually a fairly classic gothic tale, heavy on romance rather than mystery/horror, but it has some nice twisty elements. Though honestly to me the scariest thing was the idea of living out in the woods with no internet or wifi.

Lipstick Rating 3 And 1 Half





The Temporal Void, by Peter Hamilton: Finished April 24th. Second books in a trilogy are often the worst of the three, and they can tend to feel like a bridge between the beginning and the end rather than a true middle. Thankfully, The Temporal Void does not suffer from “second book syndrome” even a little bit. All of the plotlines start to heat up, and you can begin to see the direction everything is heading in. There are new characters, new storylines, a better balance of real-world-to-dream-world, and the promise of my favorite character returning. I can’t say a single thing about the plot without some major spoilers, but suffice to say it goes in some unexpected directions. However, I will throw in that I picture Ozzie-of-the-books as Ozzy-from-Survivor (yes, the tv show). It’s pretty amusing.

Lipstick Rating5 Full





The Evolutionary Void, by Peter Hamilton: finished April 26th. I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH. I want to gush endlessly about it (and might write a spoilertastic post to do just that), but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. It’s so good, it’s a perfect ending, I loved every second. All these disparate threads come together perfectly, and there were so many twists I didn’t see coming (yet, looking back, are right in plain sight).

Since I can’t say much about the plot, I’d like to mention Peter Hamilton and romance. Usually I hate romance in science fiction: 9 out of 10 times, I find it gets in the way of the plot and adds absolutely nothing. Somehow, Hamilton manages to add in relationships in ways not even I can object to. In fact, I find myself constantly rooting for them. Throughout all of book 2 I kept yelling (in my head, of course, I’m not that crazy) “but what happened to Mr. Bovey?? HE BELONGS WITH ARAMINTA!” Not to mention Tiger Pansy and Qatux, my OTP forever loves. Who would think I’d feel so many things for a washed-up porn star and an alien addicted to human memories?

Lipstick Rating5 Full





Dolores Claiborne, by Stephen King: Finished April 26th. Can you tell that April was Stephen King Month for me? Totally unintentionally, but it just kind of worked out that way. I also want to read as many of his books as I can this year (not all of them, because that’s nigh impossible), so this month got me well on my way to that goal. I’ve been kind of putting off this book because it’s a companion of sorts to Gerald’s Game, one of my favorite King books (along with Revival and Tommyknockers, because I seem to like his books that no one else does). You’d think that I’d be jumping to read a book that goes with one of my favorites, but I’m always hesitant when that happens because they never seem to live up to my expectations. The best case of this is Ship Breaker, a book that kind of takes place in the same world as The Windup Girl (one of my all time favorite books). I did not like Ship Breaker, and that made me really sad because I wanted SO BAD to like it. Thus, my hesitance to pick up Dolores.

Dolores Claiborne shares a lot of thematic similarities with Gerald’s Game. Both are about women who have lived a life strewn with hardship and abuse, and both hinge on a key event that takes place during an eclipse–the same eclipse, in fact, which is what makes these books sisters. But other than that, they are very different. DC is one woman telling her life story, while GG is a survival horror. And the characters are as different as can be: Dolores is tough as nails and does whatever she has to, while Jessie is downtrodden and perhaps a bit weaker in will. They are both intrinsically books about women: what it is like to be a woman, what society wants a woman to be, the pressure you face from your spouse to be a perfect wife. The next time someone tells me King can’t write a good female character I am going to throw these books at their head. In the end, I just didn’t like Dolores as much as Gerald, and that might be my own fault, but it was a wonderful tale nonetheless.

Lipstick Rating 3 And 1 Half





Shadowland, by Peter Straub: Finished April 30th. It pains my heart to write this book. I love Peter Straub with a passion, mostly because his books tend to feature the book-in-a-book trope that I am inordinately fond of. It’s the key to the success of both The Hellfire Club and Ghost Story, though both are incredibly creepy and gorgeously written on their own. So my heart broke when I realized I just wasn’t really enjoying Shadowland, which so many people say is his best.

My main issue is that I just didn’t find it scary. While Ghost Story kept me up at night, I found myself skimming the last 10% of Shadowland in an attempt to just get it over with. I think that’s because I just didn’t like the main characters, Tom & Del. They’re 15, but almost all their dialogue (except towards the very end) made them see 11 or 12. It was very childish, and I had a hard time buying that they were in highschool. Speaking of the school! The first third or so of Shadowland takes place at the boys’ school, which was ominous and so deliciously creepy. I loved this part: their bizarre headmaster, the insane senior Skeleton, the teachers’ sanity slowly unraveling. But there’s a shift in both location and tone when they actually go to Shadowland, Del’s uncle’s castle/manor/thing. This made it feel like two different books, and I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that we definitely weren’t getting anything more at the school. Also, the narrative in the first third is chopped up: it skips through time and there are multiple “narrators.” Once they get to Shadowland, it’s all Tom. And he was… not exciting. I mean, we are in the castle of a mad, evil magician and half his thoughts are revolving around a girl. And there’s insta-love. In a horror novel. It’s explained (kind of) but I had suuuuch a hard time buying/caring about Tom & Rose. Many loud sighs escaped me.

Honestly, if his name wasn’t on the cover I would never guess this was a Straub novel. Disappointed, but the writing was good enough for three stars. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t enjoy it. It’d probably be a 2-star if not for all the fairy tales and stories sprinkled throughout, which were wonderful.

Lipstick Rating 3 Full


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