A Brief Sugar & Spite Halloween 2014 Review

23 Aug


I have very fond memories associated with Sugar & Spite. Their Valentine scent introduced me to what is now a passionate love of leather scents, and my first experience with gourmand blends was with their delicious Brewster. I was really looking forward to their fall line this year since, well, dark & eerie is kind of their thing but when it went up I was only able to spring for one scent. That didn’t stop them from going all out on the packaging. I mean seriously, it’s amazing.


I took this in the dark with my ipod, apologies for the worst photo quality ever

I know, right? Wax seal on the perfume, beautiful business cards that are basically mini art prints, a handmarked sample, and a toffee lollipop. Sugar & Spite is serious about Halloween guys.


The lolipop was salted toffee. SO GOOD.


Packaging on the full-sized perfume. Reminds me of fancy lipstick!


Grimoire (ancient dusty spices, fire, smoke, charred wood, and turned earth): Every scent in this blend called out to me. Fire? Smoke? Wood? Earth? That’s right, this is a dirt blend. And oh, is it dirty. The turned earth hits you first, and it actually might be the best dirt note I’ve come across. And I’m kind of an expert. Smoke and ash waft in after, heating up slowly on the skin. I was a bit worried that “dusty spices” would equal cinnamon but oh man this is ALL CLOVE. This is, like, me in a bottle. I am SO IN LOVE. Also, the bottle has a little dropper in it. It’s so precious.

Diabolique (orange blossoms dripping with sticky black honey, warm gingerbread, 3 vanillas, tea leaves and aloeswood): This is the scent I put in my cart and took out 3 times before I placed my order. Either they are psychic or, you know, there’s only like 3 other scents it could have been so it was like a 25% chance. This is the opposite of Grimoire: creamy, sweet, comforting. All gingerbread and vanilla and tea, the treat after the trick. These two layer together really fabulously, which I found out accidentally (because I am a clutz).

So basically, it’s fall and I love fall scents and I love Sugar & Spite. Grimoire is my jam. I feel like I should buy a million bottles… but I also want to try out the other scents. And grab some Bone Daddy soap. And, like, a million lip balms. I really might have a problem.

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