Electricity So Fine & Other Violets

22 Aug

I am a huge fan of purple florals. Iris, hydrangea, hyacinth. And, of course, violet: the crown jewel of purple flowers. So when I saw it listed as a note in the new Darling Clandestine fragrance, I jumped on the pre-orders. I’ve had mixed success with DC blends: some I adore to the extent that my love affair with them is kind of unhealthy (Pyrotechnic and Don Gato, my true loves), but most of the others I’ve had mixed success with. Her scents are very complicated and they tend to get a bit muddled on my skin. But I mean, violets and that label. How I could I resist?


And look, I got a little shark friend in the mail!


Bonus FULL SIZED CANDY. BLUE RASPBERRY. And a cute canvas bag! I need all of these things, obviously.


Electricity So Fine (artemisia absinthum and mosses and blackest tea and port wine, splashed with an electric sizzle of sparkling violets): This smells at first like moss soaked in wine. Strong, very strong, almost too much. It’s kind of masculine, definitely a unisex blend! The drydown is almost instantaneous, with the alcoholic headiness vanishing into soft violets. Not the scent of candied violets or violet gum, but soft violets in a field that have been a bit crushed. This is a wet, wet scent, but the name “Electricity” fits it so well. Like many of her blends, this is hard to describe. Wet, crackling: like a summertime high school romance. Seriously, that is what this makes me feel like. Hot weather and small towns and first crushes.


I got another violet scent (this time from Alkemia) only a day before this one so I thought hey, might as well compare and contrast!

Wild Swans at Coole (sweet flag, orris root, fen violet, wild autumn orchids, blue moor-grass, blackthorn wood, drying ferns, dried sedge grasses soaked in dew, and veils of mist parting over lake water): This is another wet violet blend, but this is a damp, misty floral. Reeds in a pond, fresh violets, cool water, the beginning of rain. Dipping your toes into chilly water, the sharp snap of fern stems. Electricity So Fine is a “warm” violet scent and this is a “cool” one, if that makes sense. They actually contrast perfectly, which was not something I noticed in the notes when ordering them!

While we are talking violets, I thought I’d mention a few of my other favorites. There is, of course, Bouquet de Marechale (violet and bergamot, and a bewitching light touch of bay) from Possets’ current summer collection, and my favorite violet scent: Saturnalia (violets and vetiver), a discontinued blend from Black Phoenix Alchemy.

That’s right, all my favorite violet scents are limited! Because Wild Swans is part of Alkemia’s fall lineup, and it seems like Electricity So Fine is also a seasonal blend. At least I have full bottles of 3 of the 4 of them… and the competionist in me of course wants to get a bottle of Bouquet so it’s an even 4.

What are your favorite violet scents?

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2 Responses to “Electricity So Fine & Other Violets”

  1. Artemis August 23, 2014 at 1:02 am #

    Sounds divine! :)

    I recently got into the Violets by Wild Hybrid – http://www.wild-hybrid.co.nz/

    They have a whole range called House Viola, which I think you would like. I own this and love it – http://www.wild-hybrid.co.nz/smell-great/permanent-collection/societe-de-fleur/house-violet-vivienne-viola

    • Leah Bayer August 23, 2014 at 1:49 am #

      Violet, honey, and… yuzu?! Oh god, Wild Hybrid kills me every time I visit their site. I want SO MUCH but the shipping, ahh. One day I am going to drop, like, $100 there all at once in a mad spending spree.

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