Possets’ Sicilian Seduction

14 Aug

I’ve done a lot of debating about my favorite indie perfume company. I love Black Phoenix Alchemy’s cleverness, the whimsy of Haus of Gloi, Conjure Oil’s conceptual endeavors, and Solstice Scents’ ability to capture the essence of an emotion. But in terms of consistency, I’m a Possets girl all the way. I have yet to try a single scent from them that I dislike, and most end up in the “oh god I need this forever and ever” pile. So of course their summer line, Sicilian Seduction, was calling to me. Even though I really am not a fan of summer scents in general. But I ordered, like, a third of what they were offering. And considering how big their collections are, it was a substantial haul. I got bottles (full or half-size) of the following:

Acanthus (clove notes are combined with a grey musk, a foundation of pink damascena rose otto and a good portion of sandalwood): This is my rose. The rose scent of my dreams. Soft, lovely pink blossoms–not powdery or old-lady-ish–undercut by rich, smokey clove and a hint of rich sandalwood. I feel like I’ve found my holy grail rose scent. Floral but deep and sensual.

Cannoli (deep fried tubes of the lightest crust filled with sweetened ricotta cheese): I do not like chocolate scents but thankfully this is a chocolate chip-free cannoli–all crunchy crust and rich cream. It’s kind of a hard scent to describe: rich, sweet, very gourmand and kind of conceptual. It doesn’t so much smell like a cannoli as it smells like… eating a cannoli, if that makes sense.

Mafia (melon with a lovely neroli, lemon and Mediterranean jasmine, osmanthus, incense, and distant orange groves): I got this just for the melon, but it’s a lovely, complex oriental blend. Floral but not overwhelmingly so with bright bursts of citrus and melon. It’s not a happy floral, even though the notes read like one, but a floral with a bite: the osmanthus and jasmine give it a definite edge.

Vespi (citrus blend of lemon and grapefruit, the zest of a tomato leaf and pepper lounging in the background): This is the only scent I got a full bottle of because it’s pretty much me in perfume notes. And, yup, I adore it. Starbursts of grapefruit backed by nose-clearing pepper and earthy tomato leaf. This is an earthy, garden citrus: dirty and sparkling. If I had to pick one signature scent, this would be seriously close to the top.


And these are the decants!

14 Carnations (14 carnations, the scent of earth and surrounding plants, add a bit of fern): I am very on the fence about carnation, but the earth and fern cajoled me into ordering a decant. However, that signature spicy-yet-powdery carnation smell dominates on my skin. It’s not bad, I just… don’t really like carnations. If you do, this is totally the scent for you.

Blood Orange (blood orange, aged patchouli, a tiny dash of Saigon cinnamon, and a backup of a zesty “yellow musk”): I have recently become obsessed with blood orange (and clementine) and ordered this in a heartbeat. But not the blood orange gelato scent, which I am now regretting. At first this is a lovely orange, but once the cinnamon kicks in it really reads as a holiday scent. I mean, it’s a really nice holiday smell, but I was hoping for more of a POW summer orange.

Bouquet de Marechale (violet and bergamot, and a bewitching light touch of bay): I love purple florals, and this delivers in droves. Sweet, candy violets with an undercurrent of tea-like bergamot. The bay adds an herbal flair, so this is a very odd mix of candy and spice cabinet. In, like, a really good way. It reminds me of Saturnalia, one of my absolute (and now discontinued, sob) BPAL blends.

Gelato: Fiore de Latte (cream and a dash of salt, perhaps a bit of tuberose finds its way in here): Do you like cream? Milk? How about those scents in perfume? Imagine the richest, most over-the-top indulgent milky creamy blend. The kind that makes you want to pour the vial straight down your throat. That’s Fiore de Latte, but better. Seriously, this blend is FREAKING AMAZING oh my god. I feel like wearing it is dangerous because I have an overwhelming urge to gnaw my wrists off.

Gelato: Riso des Anges (rice and sugar in ways too sinful to recount): Fiore de Latte minus a little cream with tons of nuts thrown in and a whole lot of sugar. Just as indulgent, just as scrumptious. No one does creamy gourmets like Possets.

Jardin di Principo (olive blossoms, cupped old roses, waxy white magnolia, and a hint of clove mixed with the scent of earth and the scent of water on limestone with moss): This is a soft, dainty rose blend. I expected it to be more of a mixed-floral, but rose amps up like crazy on my skin. The magnolia/earth/water/moss elements mix together into a calm “airy” quality that make this ever so ladylike. The clove is pretty much hidden but I’m kind of happy about that because I was worried this would be too similar to Acanthus.

Sicily (oranges, pepper, lemons, the sea, musk, and passion): This is Vespi’s bad-tempered cousin. Fiery pepper, bright lemon and dominating orange. The aquatic element is deliciously salty. This is not a scent for the weak of heart: it’s bold, bright, and fierce.

Stiletto (sicilian lemon mingles with oakmoss which vamps to galbanum, which flirts with yuzu): Yuzu is my favorite citrus, and it sets this blend apart from the other similar scents in the lineup (Vespi, Sicily, etc). It’s a softer, more even-tempered smell. The oakmoss gives it a cool tone: citrus is usually bright and happy, but Stiletto is rather calming and refreshing.

So, basically, I really freaking loved everything. Except 14 Carnations, which is because… I don’t like carnation but I ordered it anyway. I’m considering ordering full bottles of both Gelato scents, along with full sizes of Acanthus and Cannoli and a backup of Vespi. Overdoing it? Totally. But I haven’t been this head-over-heels in love with a collection since BPAL’s Lupers, which I ended up with 7 bottles from.

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