Shiro Collection, Part 2: The Darks

3 Jul


Though I have very few occasions to wear them, I have a magpie-like affinity for sparkle-dense dark shades. Those ones that make you look in the jar and go OOH PRETTY THAT SURE DOES LOOK LIKE A GALAXY but days later you think “hmm, how am I ever going to actually pull this off with an everyday look?” But I mean Shiro samples are a dollar so who even cares right?


We’re continuing the Shiro swatch-a-thon today with the darks I depotted! For info on jar size and availability, see this post. Most of these jars contain one sample, though a few (the ones stuffed to the very top) have two… which is more than I will ever use, probably. Unless I do Gengar-themed eyeliner for a year straight or something.


I remembered how to swatch in a straight line wow go me


Yes there’s friggin CAT FUR stuck to Colonel oy my life

From bottom to top we’ve got:

Diggy Diggy Hole, a deep brown with moss green shimmer

You Dropped Your Rod, a black base loaded with gold glitter that comes out insanely sheer what is going on here? (I swatched this three times to make sure I wasn’t spazzing out, it’s just this sheer)

Beyond the Fence, a moss green with gold that also comes out disappointingly sheer

Pumpkin King, a super dark black with orange and gold glitter all up in your business

Two Faced, a blackened lavender that becomes darker the more you blend it in

Colonel, a navy blue that appears sheer at first but is loaded with brilliant gold


Why is one at a different angle? I have no clue


Send help I forgot how to swatch the heat is killing me

Haha, so many purples. I think I like purples. This time we’ve got, from bottom to top:

Shinigami, a glittery blurple that’s unfortunately sheer

Fullmetal, a charcoal base that doesn’t look like a purple in the jar but oh look at that glitter, it’s purple after all!

Not Very Effective, (aka GENGARRRR) a black doused in deep purple and red sparkles

Star-Crossed, a black with gold shift, similar to You Dropped Your Rod (only you know… it shows up on my skin…)

Equivalent Exchange, a dark silver-lavender with an almost metallic finish

Are You Shear You Wanna Enchant That?, a black with rainbow glitter (one of those “galaxy in a jar” types)

Unlike round 1, the darks were swatched over glitter glue because they are quite unruly. And, unlike the lights, there were some disappointments. I find Shiro’s darks to be lacking in pigmentation far more often than the pales & neutrals, which is really where they excel. The real standout here for me is Pumpkin King (which is sadly limited edition) and, of course, Not Very Effective (which I really wish hadn’t gotten a name change). But with a little mixing fluid these all make really fun liners!

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