Shiro Collection, Part 1: The Lights

1 Jul


One of the biggest problems about having a lot of makeup is actually storing it all properly. It can be very hard to find what you’re looking for, and easy to forget small purchases. For me, indie samples are the worst! I buy them with the promise of pressing & depotting, but these tend to end with “forgotten in a drawer” or depotted into an opaque jar and I can never remember what color they are. Enter this amazing blog post, which offers up a super cheap storage method for baggie samples that actually lets you see the colors and create mini palettes! Of course like an idiot I only ordered 5 and they took a month to get to me and 5 is definitely not enough, but I am really happy with the ones I have so far. Though it does mean I have to start, you know, actually taking pictures of some of my shadows…


Here is a size comparison with a mini jar from Dreamworld Hermetica! The one on the right is from the BuyInCoins “palette” filled with one Shiro sample. If you’re determined you can fit two samples in there and stuff it to the brim, and it’s basically as much material as you’d get in a mini from other indie stores.


I have a lot of Shiro samples so my first idea for my shiny new storage was to make two Shiro palettes–one of lights, one of darks! I have enough samples for 2 or 3 more Shiro-only palettes but that’s for another day. Today, pastels! And neutrals! So pretty.


Wow swatching skills


Was I drunk when I did these? No, but I might as well have been!

Yes, I know they’re the worst swatches ever, don’t judge me. It was like 90 degrees in the living room okay I promise the rest aren’t this bad. From bottom to top we have:

Smell Ya Later, a vibrant cool purple

Angry Cuccos, a sheer white with a very strong pink shift

Maiden Queen, a bold shimmery seafoam green

Finkelstein, a pale almost sickly white with a strong blue & green shift

Wildflowers, a rosy pink with a satin finish

Baker’s Boy, a classic warm gold


Okay, that is a little better


Still, not exactly my shining moment for swatching

Well I don’t know what to tell you aside from “I guess I forgot how to hand eye coordinate but at least this batch looks better?” Again, from bottom to top we’ve got:

I Loved A Maid, a rusty brown with a green-yellow shift

Cake, a sheer white-gold with a soft red shift (similar to Angry Cuccos, but warmer)

Master of Whispers, a pale lavender with a pink shift (looks suspiciously similar to Cake here because of the strong shift, much more subtle in person!)

Diamonds!, a very sheer teal-bordering-on-green with tons of glitter

Mother of Dragons, a gorgeous deep purple with a taupe-pink shift

Alkahestry, a sheer glitterbomb of aqua and lilac

All swatches done on dry skin with a wet brush. As you’d expect, the glitter-dense shades went on rather sheer (I’m looking at you, Diamonds!) but some applied more consistently. Alkahestry gets a lot of flack for how sheer the base is but it’s my favorite of the bunch! Then again, I love all of them so much. I am all about sheer highlights, bright pops of color and soft pink-purple pastels so this is pretty much my dream palette from Shiro.

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