How To: Stud Earring Display & Storage

17 Jun


I collect cheap, odd, kitschy jewelry like there’s no tomorrow. Because honestly, you never know when the market is going to get tired of making necklaces of foxes in business suits. One thing I’ve amassed a fair number of are stud-type earrings, and I’ve found it kind of hard to keep track of them. I had them in a fancy mesh baggie, but finding pairs was just too much effort. I tried the “store them on a long ribbon!” method but the fraying was just annoying. So I came up with something much, much simpler, infinitely cheaper, and it takes up pretty much no space!


All you need is a wine cork (I got mine on eBay because I wanted fun names–I mean, come on, it says Faust!) and a sharp, thin implement to poke the holes in. If you try to do it with the earrings themselves, they might bend. I used a dotting tool for nail polish because it happened to be directly next to my earrings. Make two identical holes, put your earrings in, continue!

I have 17 pairs on my current cork and enough room for 6 or 7 more, making this insanely space-saving. But what about the backings? I keep those in the old mesh bag. I mean, earring backings aren’t really that fancy–just grab some and go! And for longer earrings? Put the holes on the top of the cork, and have them dangle down. As long as they’re not super long–but then you could improvise by hot gluing several corks together and making a little earring tower. Which of course I want to do now because it sounds hella cute.

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