Solstice Scents’ Spring 2014 Collection

15 May


Solstice Scents is by far one of my favorite perfume companies. I love everything I have tried from them, and they come with the lovely bonus of actually keeping seasonal collections in stock long enough to sample before you commit to a full size (unlike some companies we know…). I have been eagerly anticipating their spring collection, so when it dropped I of course bought samples of every scent (and a full-size of one I knew would be love at first sniff).

They also have new postcards and bookmarks! We’ve had the winter ones in packages for a long time now, so it’s nice to see some new spring-themed goodies. I just love the extras they include, it gives a very distinct and home-y, small-town vibe to their collections.


Chrysalis (Orange Blossom, Grass, Bitter Green Orange, Vetiver, Patchouli, Amber, Yellow Mandarin, Rose de Mai Absolute, Sandalwood and Indian Attars): If I see the word “bitter” in a perfume, I buy it. I LOVE bitter, fresh green scents and Chrysalis is a truly memorable one. The orange blossom is working on my skin for once, and this is a green, citrusy delight. The orange isn’t too heavy, and the sandalwood and vetiver are happily prominent. This is a very unisex blend: fresh, crisp, with hints of smokey/woody background notes. Very “early-spring,” Chrysalis reminds me of fresh buds on trees and the first warm breeze of the year.


Now for the samples! I added a note asking for the Chrysalis sample in this set to be swapped for a second Courtyard (since, well, I already have a full-sized Chrysalis) and I honestly didn’t expect it to go answered since it is a kind of picky request. But lo and behold, two Courtyards in my sample pack! Did I mention that I got my order 4 days after I placed it as well? Everything about Solstice Scents is perfect.

Chantilly Cream (Whipped Cream, Peach Nectar, Vanilla & Yellow Mandarin EO): I hate peaches, but I love cream notes. Chantilly Cream is a bit of a conundrum for me because the whipped cream note is so rich and lovely and thick. The peach is just as prominent though, reading very candy-sweet on my skin. It’s cut a bit by the mandarin, one of my favorite citruses, but I think I will stick with sample sized on this one. Sorry peach: it’s just not meant to be.

Cascade of Gold (Sandalwood, White Sandalwood, Honeysuckle, Champa & White Lotus): My heart skips a beat whenever I see honeysuckle in a blend. I honestly was not expecting to love this one, but it is the surprise hit of the day for me. Super soft incense (a note I usually find overpowering) with sweet florals and tons of woody notes. It’s a warm, comforting blend. The honeysuckle peeks out at the end of the “sniff” for me, a surprise burst of sweet juicy notes at the tail end of the drydown. Complex and gorgeous, though I think it reads more “summer” than spring to my nose.

Cameo ( Almond, Rose, Yellow Cake, Tonka Bean, Coconut, Ginger and Green Orange): I desperately wanted a full size of Cameo, but I held myself to one big blind-sniff purchase. Honestly, I chose Chyrsalis over Cameo because I thought I might want Cameo in perfume and body butter lotion, depending on how much I like it. The verdict? TRUE LOVE. It starts with a very strong almond top note that reads as marzipan to me, followed by creamy vanilla and a big hit of ginger. It’s like a perfect morning pastry, only on my wrist and without all the calories. Definitely purchasing this in full, and perhaps a Burnishing Glace and Body Ganache as well…

Blossom Jam Tea Cakes (Southern Tea Cakes, Petit Fours, Floral Infused Jams & Preserves and a Delicate Aroma of Tea): In the vial this smells like cake and something… off. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s odd and a little gross. On my skin, though, it’s all cake with hints of fruit! I can just barely pick up some soft floral notes and I swear there is almond here too. This is definitely on the simpler side for Solstice but it’s so sweet and girlie. It makes me want to host a tea party.

Whispers in the Night (Jasmine, Tuberose, Vanilla Orchid, Coconut, White Amber, Sandalwood, Amber & Ylang Ylang on a base of Edge of the Night): I have one of the Edge of the Night blends already (Heart of the Night) and totally love it, and I’m a creamy floral sort of girl so I expected to love this one. However, it is almost *too* floral for me! Jasmine and tuberose are both very strong scents, and they come out swinging. The other notes get a bit lost and muddled until an hour after application, when it’s dried down enough for the deeper notes like amber, sandalwood and patchouli to peek through.

Courtyard (Lavender, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Sweet Clover, Coriander, Lime, Labdanum & More): I was certain I’d need a full size of this. CERTAIN. I am very, very glad I went with samples instead. This smells like curry on me! The coriander is VERY strong and cumin-y, though it fades after a few minutes to a more green, fresh scent. I get little lavender: it is mostly spices and moss. Fougeres are one of my favorite perfume “genres” so this one makes me a bit sad. I think I just amp up the spice notes, though, so I expect this will be quite different on other peoples’ skin chemistry.

Chiffon (Vanilla, White Amber, White Musk & Lemon Myrtle EO): Another “I want a full bottle right now!” scent I managed to hold to a sample (for now). Creamy lemon is one of my favorite things! The lemon here is VERY strong on initial application, pretty much drowning out any cream. Of all the scents from the spring line I find this the longest lasting: it lingered on me for hours, drying down to a soft, airy confection thick with vanilla and soft musk.

As per usual, I am beyond happy with my Solstice order. I think there is a nice variety in this lineup, ranging from fresh to earthy to floral to gourmand: if you like perfume, there’s probably something here for you. Chrysalis, Chiffon and Cameo were the big winners for me (with Chiffon and Cameo definitely coming to me in full size), and there was really only one miss that I can firmly chalk up to my spice-loving skin.

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  1. Shannon Moody May 26, 2014 at 5:44 am #

    Absolutely love Solstice Scents!! Thanks for the reviews its helped me decide on a few full size purchases!!

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