Review: Black Widow Balm

6 May


I am obsessed with all things space related, so of course when I saw space themed lipgloss, I ordered it right away. Even though I kind of hate lipgloss, unless it’s from Buxom or NARS. But look at how pretty the packaging is! So fancy.


I only ordered one thing (and during a sale), but my order came with this cute little booklet of DIY recipes for scrubs & masks, plus STICKERS! Ah, I love stickers. Also, I ordered on my birthday–do they always come with Happy Birthday stickers? Are they psychic? The world will never know.


Hmm, I only remember ordering one thing?! What is that other tube! It’s how Black Widow Balm packages their samples! Yep, there is only a sliver in there, but it is SO much neater than the baggies with slices you usually get for lipstick samples.


The sample I got was Voodoo, a very deep berry balm.


The star of the show! Star Dust is a sheer black gloss with craaaaazy rainbow sparkles. In the tube it is SO PRETTY. I could just look at it forever.


However…. the swatch does not live up to the tube. And it’s not that the sparkles are settled. It’s just insanely streaky, super sticky, and sinks into EVERY crack of your lips when actually applied. I am going to have to work HARD to make this work, but I am determined.

Funnily enough, the free sample is 10x better than the actual item I purchased. Voodoo is a lovely sheer wash of color that is easily built up (this is one swipe), and is a dreamily smooth formula. So while I really regret getting Star Dust, I am going back for more balms for sure. The packaging, overall presentation and freebies will lure me back even though Star Dust has broken my heart.

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