Review: Sleek’s Blush By 3 in Sweet Cheeks

28 Apr


I have a thing for purple blush. If I see it, I have to buy it. I plan on doing a post with all of them soon–though, of course, I always feel like I have just one more to buy. So I am amazed that I put off purchasing this for so long: it was a limited edition, and I bought the matching palette. But sadly, I was convinced I could get the blushes for retail “later on.” Nope, I got this for $24 on eBay. Sigh. So was it worth paying $10 over retail–which, for a drugstore product, is a lot?


I kind of hate that Sleek has these cute designs on their packaging but the physical product is just in a black case. It’s reminiscent of NARS, only boxy and not quite as sleek (hehe, sleek). But, you know, it’s a drugstore product so I am willing to compromise on packaging if the product is higher quality than US drugstore stuff.


Ahhh, it’s so shiny. The sparkles. The shimmer. The lilac. It’s calling to me.


There are three shades: Cupcake (a hot plum cream blush), Dollymix (a soft lilac with a satin finish), and Candy Floss (a hot pink with intense glitter).


Swatches, applied on bare skin: each blush is swatched heavily and then blended, in the same order they are on the palette. I have mixed feelings on this palette as a whole. The good: Cupcake is INSANELY pigmented and blends like a dream. It’s soft and silky and while at first it’s easy to overdo, it blends out to a soft but bright flush. Cupcake is a fun, bold color that I am totally in love with: like a hot hot pink version of NARS’ Angelika.


But, as you can see, there’s an issue with Dollymix. It’s not really at all purple once you apply it. The lilac fades to a very light, pale pink. There’s only a hint of purple to be found, and it’s super lightly pigmented: this swatch took 4 swipes with a brush, whereas Cupcake took 1 and Candy Floss took 2.

So while I really wanted this for the purple blush, it ended up being the worst of the lot. However, it’ll make a nice purple highlighter… and the other two blushes are awesome. I hadn’t even paid attention to them originally, and they are a hell of a lot better than Dollymix! So do I regret not getting this at retail? Yes. Do I regret buying it at a markup? No. I’m a blush palette whore. Even with the lackluster purple, I ended up with 2 super-pigmented blushes I will use the heck out of… for less than the price of one NARS blush. The only issue is that now I want all the Sleek blush palettes. All. Of. Them.

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