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18 Apr


During Halloween, every neighborhood had that one house: the one where they gave out stuffed goodie bags instead of just handfuls of candy. It was the best, better even than a full sized bar. So much variety! The suspense of finding out what was inside! Well, getting my packages from Glamour Doll Eyes was kind of like that. I placed two orders with them: one during a flash sale on their Storeny, and another for the Spring Collection.

And man, you don’t just get your shadows and blushes. There’s candy, free samples, business cards, STICKERS! We all know how I feel about stickers. I felt like a little kid opening it all up.


These are the freebies that came with my orders. Each came with the GWP (gift with purchase) of the month, though happily I placed one at the end of March and one at the beginning of April so I ended up with two different ones. And each order came with an extra two baggie samples! Crazy generous.


For some reason I went for mostly muted, pastel, spring-y colors!

Top row: Longing for Spring (GWP) is a sheer green with aqua sparkles, #flashbackfriday (GWP) is a cool-toned purple with a fuchsia shift, and Graves in May is a brown-taupe with gold shimmer. The sizes of all my jars were very even except for Graves, which had a little less than the others (but still a decent amount, I’m assuming it’s just a heavier blend!)

Bottom: Nymphette is a deep navy blue with purple and hot pink glitter, Feverish is a mauve with pinkish shimmer, Vulnerable is a soft pink with gold and spring green shimmer, and Dirty Jeans is aqua with a very strong gold-teal shift.


Nymphette is basically a nebula in a jar. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Space is my jam. Nymphette is my new jam. I got a sample of it in my non-Nymphette-containing-order and I will so use all of it. I want to rub it all over my face.


From left to right: Nymphette, #flahsbackfriday, Veteran, Dirty Jeans, Longing for Spring, Graves in May, Feverish, Vulnerable, Courageous, Trophy Wife: all applied with a damp brush over bare skin.

Courageous, one of my free samples, has the most insane pigmentation I’ve ever seen on a matte indie. It’s a gorgeous bone-taupe, and I kind of need a full size immediately. And Trophy Wife is a super-vibrant gold. Ugh, I love all my free shades–Veteran looked like kind of a dull navy in the bag but has some complex pink shimmer thrown in.

Longing for Spring and Graves in May are both quite sheer here, but would apply much brighter with a primer or glitter glue. I know that many bloggers use primer and epoxy for swatches, but not everyone has those on hand so I wanted to show the shadows with only basic equipment: water, and a brush! Anyway, I like to have some of my shadows be sheer: can’t have ‘em all be as pigmented as Courageous all over your face.

My favorite shadows of my orders are Nymphette (NEBULA OMG), Dirty Jeans (a totally unique color: you aren’t going to find this one anywhere else!), and Vulnerable (my new go-to highlight color).


Onto the blush! I got Start A Rumor (which is part of the Spring collection) and My First Time. I was hesitant on My First Time because I adore purple blush, and it looks a bit pale on their site swatches. In person, it’s a crazy pigmented lavender. It’s kind of shockingly purple. Start A Rumor is a stunning golden pink-rose, and a big ‘ol sticker on the container says it’s not safe for eye use. But.. it’d make such a pretty shadow… what’s the worst that could happen!? No, seriously, don’t put it on your eyes. But maybe I will because I’m an idiot.


Blush swatches! They are both so so nice, ahhhhh. Blended out you can see they are still very pigmented: a super gentle hand is required for both! My First Time has an almost metallic finish swatched directly onto the skin, but comes off as a soft highlighter when blended. The color, however, is definitely strong enough to be used as either a blush or a highlighter.


If you missed it in my MPZ post, here is a (blurry phone) comparison of Start A Rumor with some other blushes in the same family. In order from left to right: My Pretty Zombie’s MDMA, Glamour Doll Eye’s Start A Rumor, NARS’ Super Orgasm, and NARS’ Orgasm. Both indies are reasonable dupes for Orgasm (with Start A Rumor having a shimmer level similar to Super Orgasm), and you can see that GDE’s blush formula is INSANELY pigmented next to the other two.

I had overlooked GDE for a long time. I’m not really sure why: they have great prices and seem to be very popular. I think the swatches on their site never wowed me, and indeed–in person, their shadows are a million times better. Seriously, two orders and they’re near the very top of my favorite indie stores. I mean… Nymphette and My First Time are just so perfectly me.

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