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11 Apr


Most companies have a cap on how many samples of a shadow you can order. That is because some people *cough*me*cough* might just order a ton of samples to depot because they have run down their makeup budget to pennies but still need to buy things for totally valid reasons. Siren Cosmetics is not one of these companies, so when they ran a 25% off sale in early April I hopped right on that bandwagon. I’d been lusting after their duochromes for a while and my fingers said “why not? let’s order!” before my brain had processed what was going on. I got 4 samples each of the main colors I was interested, except for Billionaire (2 samples) and Evidence (1 sample) because they were low on stock, and the whole haul with shipping came out to just above $10. And they even threw in two free samples!


Let’s get to the shadows! I forgot how utterly messy it was getting samples out of baggies, my fingers looked like they murdered a crayola box after the fact.

Teenage Kicks is a black-based glitterbomb with almost every color of the rainbow shoved into it

Crystal Ships is a mid-toned blue with blue-green glitter, and is darker than the site images

Europa is a gorgeous peacock blue with a strong gold shift, and my favorite of the lot


Heart Breaker is a tiffany blue with green shimmer: it is slightly paler in person than it appears on camera

Sugar Coma is a lavender-pink duochrome with turquoise glitter, and another of my favorites

Indian Summer is a deep rust-brown with gold and orange shimmer, much darker than the on-site images


This gives you an idea of the sample sizes: the previous jars all held 4 samples, while these hold one each (except for Billionaire, which has two). I found the sample sizes pretty consistent, except for Diamond Girl which had a LOT in it. They are around 1/8 tsp samples, so not overly generous but not stingy either. Definitely worth the super-low 50 cents they are priced at.

Diamond Girl is a soft tan packed with gold shimmer

Evidence is a cool-toned purple loaded with blue glitter in the jar, but applies almost fuchsia

Billionarie is a pale salmon-peach with gold and green glitter, and is less orange than it appears on camera

Fancy is an almost-matte deep purple/blurple with a scattering of blue sparkles


Let’s take a closer look at Teenage Kicks because THAT GLITTER. It’s actually being discontinued due to one of the ingredients no longer being available, so if you want some get it now. Look, look at how pretty it is! You know you want some.


From left to right: Europa, Crystal Ships, Heartbreaker, Sugar Coma, Evidence, Fancy, Billionaire, Diamond Girl, Indian Summer, Teenage Kicks

Swatches that don’t suck?! Praise the lord, I finally figured it out.

All of these are one swipe applied with a wet brush on bare skin. Yes, there is no primer here or glitter glue. Just a slightly damp brush (an OCC lip tar one, if you were curious). The pigmentation on these is INSANE.


For the most part, they applied very smoothly. You can see that Fancy was a bit patchy due to the matte base, which was not as finely milled as the others. Heart Breaker and Diamond Girl, which both have a similar pearlescent finish, applied wicked smooth, almost like they had a semi-loose base.


Look at that shift on Europa and Sugar Coma. Mm, they’re so pretty.


And Teenage Kicks is basically the prettiest. You don’t even NEED a glitter glue to get this level of sparkly.

You can see that there’s a little fallout, and it’s all from Fancy which just did NOT want to cooperate. But hey, Siren is clearly specialized in crazy glitter shades so I can forgive one slightly-patchy matte.

So in closing I totally am in love with Siren Cosmetics. I was not expecting this much quality from samples that cheap! I may or may not be having a love affair with Europa: peacock blue is my favorite color, and this is my favorite interpretation of it in makeup form. But there is a nice balance of neutrals and crazier colors, though if you are a mattes-only kind of girl this might not be the store for you. Otherwise, go buy Teenage Kicks before it sells out! Just kidding, save it all for me. I need the precious.

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