Benefit’s April Fools Mistake

1 Apr

Before we get into the actual, you know, content related to this website, a brief PSA: while I swore I totally would never crosspost anything from Plastikitty (my main website) here, I reviewed my cat for April Fools and he is totally the cutest so you should go coo over his squishy face. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


April Fools jokes in the makeup community are usually rather innocent. Like Julep’s cat polish line (which I 100% admit I would buy if it was a real thing). But sometimes ugly biases and prejudices peek to the surface, which unfortunately is the case with Benefit’s April Fools “BeneBro” line, a fake line of makeup products for guys.

On first glance, it actually seems pretty realistic: brow products, a dual breath refresher and chapstick. These are all marketable items. The thing is, makeup is changing: it’s not just for girls anymore. A lot of guys are realizing that they too can fix small imperfections. The mood is slowly swinging from “women lie with makeup!” to “hey… maybe I can cover up my acne scars too?!”

But for guys, wearing makeup is a HUGE stigma sadly. We’ve yet to progress to a point where it is seen as okay and normal. Coming out with a real line aimed at men would be a giant leap in the right direction. Small, easy to use things like a simple brow kit, concealer, clear mascara, finishing powder: this could sell, and sell well. Especially if packaged in a manly, tongue-in-cheek way. I’m picturing something along the lines of the Old Spice commercials, but with super pretty lashes. So by slapping a big “HAHA this could only happen on April Fools, suckers!” on it, Benefit is making makeup for men out to be a joke. Which it’s not. For shame, Benefit!

Of course, this could be them fishing for interest. But still, it’s not cool. Men are the minority in the makeup world: don’t kick them when they’re down. We want them to come play with makeup! Benefit, you are making it *this much harder* to convince my boyfriend to let me put mascara on his beautiful lashes. Go sit in the corner and think about what you did. And maybe, just maybe, release this line as a serious thing. Because everyone deserves to feel kickass about themselves, whether it’s by running around naked-faced or by putting on hot pink eyeshadow.

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